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Marketing your website on the internet is extremely important in today’s marketplace. Potential clients are finding it much easier to go to their favorite search engine and type in anything rather than looking at the Yellow Pages. Below you will find several steps as to how we assist you in marketing your business.

The search engines are constantly changing how they look at sites and our team of specialists is always on top of their game so you don’t have to be!

Content – Does your website have content for everything that your clients are searching for? We make sure the important keywords show up the right number of times on your website. How many words should be used per page? Which words should be bold? What terms should be utilized in your images? Our Search Engine Specialists handle all of this for you.

Meta Tags – Meta Tags refer to the back end coding of your website. They are one of the first items that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and look at when reviewing your site for ranking.  Our Search Engine Specialists will provide the exact number, order and type of wording so that the search engines rank you highest.

Incoming Links – Providing incoming links to your website is one of the most important items that our Search Engine Specialists work on for your website. We make sure that the top directories and search engines are pointing to your website to increase your ranking in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and

Organic vs. Pay Per Click –  Organic, or left-hand side ranking in the search engines is searched 4 times more than the right hand side listings. These right hand side listings, or pay-per-click are exactly what they sound like. You will set a budget and every time someone clicks on that listing, you are charged. Usually anywhere from $1-$5 depending on how popular your search term is.  While we are capable of offering pay-per-click rankings for our clients, our main marketing packages focus on getting you organic rankings as this is where over 80% of searches are performed.

Consistency – We’re often asked why there is ongoing maintenance with our search engine packages. There are a few reasons. Firstly, the search engines are constantly changing their “algorithms”, or how they rank your website. Our Search Engine Specialists are constantly updating your site based on these consistent adjustments to ranking structure. In addition, there is constantly new competition in your area for rankings. We know it’s a battle out there and the same goes for your search engine ranking.  Feel confident know that you have our Search Engine Specialists on your team!

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