1. It only takes about 10-15 mins to get an account started with us. We would just take down some basic information from you, along with a major credit card or checking account and you’d be able to start working on your site immediately.
  2. Yes of course. A representative from our customer support dept will assist you in getting your existing domain name redirected to the new site with us and we can move over any information that is yours from the current site for you. Included Free Of Charge.
  3. The site will come pre-populated with close to 90% of the content that you will need as well as a huge selection of site designs. The only thing that’s missing is your personal information (bio’s, pictures, etc) We will assist you in getting that information onto the site right away. You can also adjust any of the content, images and design to really customize the site. We’ll do it for you if you would rather or you can handle much of this yourself. It’s Up To You!
  4. We take down some basic information and you’re able to start working on the website within a matter of minutes. This includes placing support requests, calling us on the phone or via email for changes, or adding new pictures & videos.
  5. Virtually everything that you’ll need to have a fully functional website. This includes the hosting, support, design, emails, content, domain name & more. You have the capability of adding as much content as you like. There is no additional fee to edit the design or add content (pictures, video, links, etc.). If you’re looking for additional marketing for the website, please take a look at our gold package
  6. If you ever wish to discontinue service with us all we ask for is 14 days written notice. If we purchased a domain name for you, that is yours as well as any content that you provided.
  7. If it is a brand new domain that you haven’t used before it will usually take approximately 48-72 hours. If we are transferring an existing site for you, it may take up to a week depending upon how fast we receive the necessary transfer information.
  8. We have been able to provide dentists with completely customizable high-end websites, excellent search engine results, and outstanding support (We’ll Do It For You) for many years. This is all at a very low monthly rate without a contract or set-up fee. Our business model is built on the concept of providing top-notch service to our clients and ensuring the utmost satisfaction.
  9. With one of our marketing packages, we will work to get you found by your main keywords in your city. Search Engine Optimization is a process and every situation is unique to the practice. We will discuss your expectations and provide realistic answers and time frames to reaching these results and maintaining them.
  10. All designs can be customized to your liking. If you would like to change anything like a color, background or an image, we’re happy to adjust it for you. If you would like a completely custom design from scratch that is made to your specifications our design team can provide you with a quote for the development of the new design.
  11. You have a few options. We give you full access to edit your website using our client editor, however you also have unlimited support with us. We are happy to make the changes and edits for you.
  12. If you don’t already have a domain name, we can purchase one for you and it’s yours to keep should you decide to leave. The domain is included for the first year and is just $25 each year after to renew it.
  13. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and e-Check and payment is automatically processed each month. You also can pre-pay for the year and receive a 10% discount.
  14. All content or design we provided will stay with us. Any content (pictures, text, videos, pdf’s, etc) that you’ve provided is yours to keep.

Social Media FAQ

  1. No problem. Our software makes it easy to create and schedule a new post. You can send the post to any of your accounts instantly, or schedule it for a date and time in the future. You can use your own posts in conjunction with our pre-written posts.
  2. Yes you can. Add your practice name, employee names, address, website, etc. to any of your posts. Our posts are great as they are written for sparking patient interaction, but personalizing them will only make them stronger.
  3. The number of likes for your page is the obvious number to look for. The more likes you have the more people you are able to interact with. The key to a successful page is generating interaction with patients. Likes and comments for individual posts are important. Having intriguing contests and promotions can also help spread the popularity of your page.
  4. Deal with them! The easy way out is to just delete a comment, but the more effective approach is to respond to the comment in a proactive manner. Offer an explanation or a solution to a problem that a patient might have had. Other people will see this and it shows you are willing to help your patients and respond to their requests. Facebook also allows an option for you to approve any posts before they appear on your business page timeline.
  5. Facebook business pages are becoming increasingly important for small businesses. When used correctly they are an effective tool for communicating with your client base on a personal level. This also allows for your clients to interact with your business, and these interactions can be seen by their Friends.
  6. The purpose of social media accounts is not to directly impact your ranking. It may help to improve your rankings because it creates a backlink to your site, and through good posting strategy, you can drive additional traffic to your website. Facebook pages also will appear in search results depending on the search being performed, so your Facebook page could show up along with your website.
  7. We will discuss initial launch strategies with you in order to help you build up your base of “Likes” and followers. There are different things you can do in your office, through your marketing, on your website, and even asking friends for help to gain more Likes.

Local Directories FAQ

  1. SEO is great for those looking to introduce their website to the search engines and begin to achieve results for certain keywords. Google, Yahoo and Bing are obviously very important places to be found, but patients are looking for you in more places. The Local Directories & PR package ensures that patients will be able to find your practice virtually no matter where they are looking. This includes when doing mobile searches as well. With this package you can make pages for your website that are mobile specific. Extend special offers to people who find you on a mobile device by doing an exclusive mobile only special. We are also able to provide you with more analysis by having access to your Google Analytics account and doing a monthly performance review of your website. This package offers a level of performance and analysis that goes above and beyond regular SEO.
  2. Every month we are submitting you to 3-4 national well known directories. We are also doing research in your local area to find directories that people in your community rely on to find local businesses and services. Each month we are either preparing or submitting a press release for you (they go out every 2-3 months). Extra keywording is also necessary with this package to optimize your website for all services. Let us know specifically what you want to be found by and we will set up your website for those terms. We are also monitoring your website with additional tracking tools each month like Google Analytics, which lets us know where we can improve your site and what techniques are working.
  3. When your website is added to directories backlinks are created. The search engines like to see natural, consistent growth in backlinks. If all the directories were added at once, the search engines would see an abnormal amount of backlink growth, which they could see as an inconsistency. Consistent growth in backlinks will show the search engines that your site is continually growing in relevancy.
  4. We use a program that finds the most relevant local directories in your area for your market. Those directories are examined by our SEO staff to determine the best directories to submit you to.
  5. This will vary based on your current rankings, where you are located, and how heavy your competition is. The fact that this is a higher level package doesn’t mean that it works any faster. The benefit of this package is that you can be found more places, which in turn will drive more traffic to your website. As we submit you to more places and increase your exposure your results should grow. The more you are able to work with us to maximize the potential of your website, the more effective this will be.
  6. Press releases can focus on specific topics that are important to you, your practice, and your patients. They are written with keyword rich content and submitted to press release directories. These directories filter relevant content into the search engines. It is another way that patients can find you when looking for specific services and treatments.
  7. The search engines use many factors when ranking websites. This package addresses many of them. First of all your website is keyworded in a way that the search engines will recognize your website when people are doing searches for services in your area. When ranking all relevant sites it basically comes down to a popularity contest and relevancy to the search. The more traffic you can get to your site the better chance it will have. Directory submissions help this twofold. The search engines see your website being linked from many different places, making it a relevant website. Because your website is available to be accessed from many different places, your traffic will increase. These factors will have a direct impact on how well your site is ranked in the search engines.
  8. We use our website performance tab to monitor traffic to your website. We will also set up Google analytics for your site. This will help us see how people are reaching your site. We can monitor the different points of entry and see if people are accessing your site in new ways. We are going to ask you to help monitor the success of your site too. Find out where people are finding you and ask them if they saw your website. Keep in mind these are 2 different questions. People can find you one way, but still visit the website to affirm their choice in calling your practice.
  9. Each directory requires an account to be set up. We will use this new email address to sign up for your accounts with the different directories. We will need access to these emails to confirm account set ups and review important information. Having a new email account will keep these emails separate from your business emails, and allow both us and you to access them.
  10. If you already have verified listings then we will review those listings to make sure they are complete and are working as effectively as possible. A listing is only effective if it makes an impression and draws people in. We will make sure your listings are clean, correct, and complete. We will then continue to create and verify listings for other directories.
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