Video Spokesmodels

Using a spokesperson on your website allows you to: introduce your home page, resource center, educate customers on promotions and specialties as well as guide users to pertinent pages for lead generation. 
Customize your message any way you want or choose from an assortment of our pre-written scripts.

What are the benefits of adding a spokesperson to my website?

  1. An online spokesmodel adds a friendly and personal touch to your web site and immediately grabs attention.
  2. An online spokesmodel improves conversion, whether it's buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, or making an appointment.
  3. Perception is everything and an online spokesmodel increases confidence and comfort because you hear someone talking to you, energetically about your site, your products and services, helping you gain credibility.

Why does an online spokesmodel make such a difference?

Adding a spokesmodel to your website increases conversion rates by adding a human component and personal touch. 

  1. Give your website personality.
  2. Build credibility and comfort levels.
  3. Convert more shoppers to buyers

Call us today and find out how easy and affordable it is to add an online spokesmodel and increase the return on investment of your website!

30 second spot (about 80 words) - $379
60 second spot (about 170 words) - $499

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